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Accepted Blue Light Driving Qualifications

HPA will  only accept blue light driverqualifications that are accepted by at least one organisation/service operatingas a statutory emergency service provider, these services are predominantlypolice, fire and rescue, and NHS ambulance service.

For clarification an NHS ambulance service” means—

(a)an NHS trust or NHS foundation trust established underthe National Health Service Act 2006 which has a function of providingambulance services;

(b)an NHS trust established under the National HealthService (Wales) Act 2006 which has a function of providing ambulance services;

(c)the Scottish Ambulance Service Board.

If your blue light driving certificate is not accepted foruse on public roads by at least one organisation within one the above describedservices we cannot reflect it on your HPA National ID card or profile.

NB HPA recognised 4x4 emergency response driver entitlement: Please note that unless you specifically supply 4x4 training evidence or contact us to discuss 4x4 entitlement by default 4x4 will not be included on your HPA blue light drivers licence card. A certificate orsigned statement from a recognised NHS driver trainer stating that you havebeen specifically trained in a blue light scenario to operate the vehicle usingfour wheel drive on low friction surfaces such as snow, mud and off road mustbe supplied. *Being trained in normal conditions using a 4x4 capable vehicledoes not qualify as specialist 4x4 emergency response driver training.