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Name Registration Status Grade Verified Registration Number
Dominic Gregory  Active   First Responder HPA57775
Benjamin Griffiths  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA87983
Jayney Hall  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA58847
Connor Hall  Active   FPOS-I HPA86436
Luke Halsey  Active   First Aider HPA51976
Kat Hambling  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA24778
John Hammond  Active   ECA HPA83317
Carolyn Hanson  Active   ECA HPA40659
Elspeth Hardie  Active   First Aider HPA87484
Lee Hards  Active HPA57734
Jackie Harling  Active   ACA HPA63003
Richard Harrison  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA75891
Peter Harrison  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA85755
Ryan Harrison  Active   L4 FREC HPA92082
Marc Harrold  Active   ECA HPA71560
Richard Harrowing  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA21217
Isabella Hart  Active HPA36389
Carl Hart  Active   Paramedic HPA73956
Steven Hawksworth  Active   ECA HPA52604
Stewart Hayllar  Active   Advanced First Aider HPA38622
Sharon Hearn  Active   ECA HPA14455
Michael Hearn  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA17556
Adrian Heili  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA52777
Antony Henderson  Active   ECA HPA38550
Stuart Henderson  Active   ACA HPA28948

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