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Name Registration Status Grade Verified Registration Number
Kevin Knight  Active   L3 EFR HPA38390
Peter Lannen  Active   First Responder HPA13764
Thomas Lock  Active   ACA HPA92979
Scott Lomax  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA22743
Nick Luff  Active   ECA HPA17122
Robert Lumsden  Active   AAP HPA27120
Ashkan Makhzani  Active   ECA HPA24871
David Manners  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA65623
Aidan Marrinan  Active   CFR - NHS HPA70736
Kevin Mason  Active   CFR - NHS HPA53898
Peter Mc Carthy  Active   FPOS-I HPA60227
Colin Mc Givern  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA81745
Kevin Mc Grath  Active   ACA HPA88692
Ash Mc Kee  Inactive   Ambulance Technician HPA25479
Shannen Mc Kee  Active   ECA HPA71436
Robert Mc Manus  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA32245
Robert Moore  Active   Emergency Care Support Worker HPA30159
Timothy Mordaunt  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA49040
Rachel Morley  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA38189
Anthony Morrison  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA11944
Paul Morrison  Active   AAP HPA94996
Chris Morrissey  Active   EMT HPA36277
Kate Morrissey  Active   ECA HPA67163
Derek Murray  Active   Fire Medical Responder HPA71468
Joseph Newman  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA19683

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