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Name Registration Status Grade Verified Registration Number
Gary Alan Ridley  Active   ACA HPA55262
Ben Roberts  Active   FPOS-I HPA10125
Dianne Robinson  Active   ECA HPA95457
Toby Robyns  Active   ACA HPA47203
David Rodwell  Active   ACA HPA96130
Abdul Rohim  Active   Paramedic HPA43279
Phil Roodt  Active   ACA HPA85821
Charlotte Rowe  Active   ACA HPA70493
Gary Sanderson  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA15921
Emlyn Sandvig  Active   FPOS-I HPA40294
Scott Saunders  Active   FPOS-I HPA73898
Benjamin Saunders  Active   First Aider HPA24443
Jonathan Sayer  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA22278
Tom Sayers  Active   Intermediate Ambulance Practitioner HPA71905
Luke Scrannage  Active   ECA HPA57919
Kevin Shanks  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA11228
Keeley Sharp  Expired   First Aider HPA49867
Cameron Shepheard  Active   First Responder HPA82318
Kerry Short  Active HPA84442
James Sinden  Active   L3 FREC HPA47477
Nigel Singleton  Active   L3 FREC HPA22630
Ben Slack  Active   First Aider HPA62293
Daniel Smith  Active   First Aider HPA58079
Dawn Smith  Active   First Aider HPA48761
Mitchell Smith  Active   Ambulance Technician HPA19939

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