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Our register aims to regulate clinicians who meet our standards for the skills and training associated with their scope of practice, their behaviour and health. We also support employers to safely streamline their recruitment process, as well as monitor the ongoing professional conduct of their HPAC registered staff, both clinically, and, if applicable, as blue light drivers via the HPAC Blue Light Driver's register.

The Care Quality Commission | NHS Safeguarding | National Police Chiefs Council | Independent Ambulance Association recognise the Health Practice Associates Council register in supporting the safe recruitment of non-paramedic ambulance clinicians.


Up to 30,000 face to face pre-hospital patient contacts per day in the UK by ambulance staff all wearing green uniforms. Did you know only 50% are regulated by satute. Whilst the vast majority of clincians are safe, patient centred, extremely caring individuals, sadly as in all areas, some do pose a real risk to patient and staff safety.

All patients and staff deserve to be safe. Support regulation compliance, reduce risk being passed on or inherited. 

Register your organisation for access and register your

There is no good reason for the UK not to persue the same safeguarding standards as Ireland and the USA. Its time to catch up and regulate 100% of patient facing ambulance staff.

Employers can support the register by enrolling for access to our Safeguarding Portal here | Clinicians can apply for registration here | Media inquiries: [email protected] | Public inquiries: click here

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