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Coronavirus (COVID-19) impact notice: HPAC services are impacted with minor delays to processing.

Our register aims to regulate clinicians who meet our standards for the skills and training associated with their scope of practice, their behaviour and health. We also support employers to safely streamline their recruitment process, as well as monitor the ongoing professional conduct of their HPAC registered staff.

All registrants held on our register are audited and verified.  We verify registrants' qualifications, driver's licence, their identity - including the use of biometric facial matching and background checks to match certificate to applicant. We carry out Enhanced DBS checks and our system automatically monitors DBS certificates in real-time for changes in status, enabling rapid response when a potential risk to the public or staff is identified. All registrants are expected to maintain a CPD relevant to their registered grade. We pride ourselves in having an advanced safeguarding system that helps employers to rapidly identify staff with concerning behaviours or allegations, helping to keep patients and other staff safe.

Joining the register, either as a registrant or as an organisation (to access the HPAC portal), helps to drive up standards of expectation in the industry, promotes best practice and helps to keep patients, the public and staff safe.

CQC, NPCC and IAA recognise the Health Practice Associates Council register in supporting the safe recruitment of non-paramedic ambulance clinicians.